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AvalonBay: An Irresponsible Developer

AvalonBay Communities, Inc. (NYSE: AVB) is the nation’s second-largest publicly traded apartment owner. Over the last ten years, it has enjoyed stellar financial success, with annual profits consistently in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It has also made claims that it treats workers fairly and demands that its vendors do the same. But despite these claims, problems have been found both at AvalonBay’s construction sites and inside its luxury apartment complexes.

These problems have included safety lapses by AvalonBay and its contractors, wage and workers’ compensation violations by contractors on AvalonBay worksites and a lack of affordable health insurance for many AvalonBay employees.

Furthermore, the company’s aggressive strategy has brought it into conflict with citizens and municipal officials, particularly in New Jersey where AvalonBay has expanded rapidly in recent years.

To learn more, check out the various parts of this site. Click here to decide for yourself and vote whether you think AvalonBay’s worksite record is “troubling” or “outstanding.” Or visit this page to read more about how AvalonBay’s strategy has stirred controversy in New Jersey and beyond.

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